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Maxene Magalona And Rob Mananquil Are In Thailand To Study How To Become Yoga Teachers!

Rob got Maxene into yoga a month before their wedding day!

Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil are currently in Thailand. But instead of a vacation, the husband-and-wife team are studying to become yoga teachers!

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On Instagram, Maxene shared, “My husband @robmananquil and I decided to deepen our practice and take this transformational journey together to hopefully teach yoga and meditation to our kids someday.”

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The actress continued, “I can’t believe we’re finally here—one with nature and surrounded by such positive and loving energies while learning from the BEST teachers @kalpanaradhikayoga! Thank you, God, for the gift of yoga. #yogateachertraining #kalpanaradhikayoga”

Rob, who shared a similar photo, said that their yoga journey began when he invited Maxene to join him in his regular yoga practice a month before their wedding day. He wrote, “Fast forward to 2019, celebrating the first days of January, my wife and I decided on an idea, ‘What if we could teach the future children to meditate and learn yoga at a young age, we could imagine what a wonderful world this will be.’” 

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From there, Rob and Maxene decided that they wanted to learn more and become yoga students. Rob continued, “We searched for a yogi, mentor, master, sensei, to whom we really felt aligned and connected. And within those moments, without hesitation, we enrolled right away.”

Rob shared that classes were supposed to begin in June, but it got postponed to August. Instead of seeing it as a setback, Rob found it to be a blessing because he was still healing from a wrist injury that he sustained from repetitive stress and trauma in March 2019. 

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Rob added, “Everything truly happens for a reason and this unique/transformational journey my wife and I have decided to take is truly life-changing for us and for the world, something that will shape our future together forever.”

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