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Maxene Magalona + Rob Mananquil Complete Their Yoga Teacher Training Course

Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil intend to teach yoga to their future kids.
PHOTO: Instagram/maxenemagalona

Maxene Magalona and husband Rob Mananquil have finished their first yoga teacher training course in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

The ABS-CBN actress writes in her recent Instagram post, "When @robmananquil and I were newly married, we were both sure that we weren't ready to start a family anytime soon. 

"In the meantime, we thought of studying something that we could hopefully share with our children in the future and this is what ultimately motivated us to take our first #yogateachertraining course."


The couple trained under Kalpana Radhika Yoga, a teacher training program founded by Jayaprada Radhika

Jayaprada, or Teacher Radhika as she is known to her students, is a former celibate monk.

As a celibate monk, she spent five years living in the Himalayas where the idea of putting up her own yoga teacher training platform came about.

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Maxene and Rob took up the three-week "Inversion Based Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training" course, which focuses "on mindful movement mastery, optimum alignment and breath, with a unique inversion focus and revolutionary teachings in yogic philosophy."

One of the biggest lessons that Maxene took away from the course is "the importance of Shadow Work," which Teacher Radhika shared to her students.

Maxene then shares this lesson in one of her Instagram captions.

It reads: "The shadow, according to psychology, is the unknown side of every person.

"Examples of these are all the repressed emotions and traumas that have accumulated in our bodies for years because we were told not to express certain feelings or we just weren't allowed to be ourselves.

"If we don't deal with these shadows, they will eventually resurface whether we like it or not. No one else has ever explained this to mejust her!

"Thank you so much teacher Radhika for shedding light on this sensitive yet very important topic.


"Another lesson I learned from her is the value of our breath and how it can help us quiet our monkey minds."

Maxene and Rob received their certificate of completion in September 2019.

This immersive experience has reminded Maxene and Rob of their "true intentions." 


As Rob narrates in his own Instagram posts, he says: "Remembering our true intentions...

"This journey actually started before our wedding when I invited my wife to join me practice yoga regularly one month before our day.

"Fast forward to 2019, celebrating the first days of January, my wife and I decided on an idea, 'What if we could teach the future children to meditate and learn yoga at a young age, we could imagine what a wonderful world this will be.'

"From that moment, the seed was planted and we instantly agreed to learn more, and be a student of yoga...

"Our hearts and souls have never felt so thirsty for a level we've never really understood and I truly believe our yoga teacher training with @kalpanaradhikayoga wouldn't have been this valuable to us without the openness of a heart.

"Everything truly happens for a reason and this unique/transformational journey my wife and I have decided to take is truly life changing for us and for the world, something that will shape our future together, forever.


"We are just so blessed to be surrounded with amazing souls and energies. Never has the path been this clear."

Maxene and Rob got married in January 2018.  

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