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Maxene Sends Messages Of Support To Saab After Heartbreaking News

'Sending love to my baby sister.'
PHOTO: Instagram/saabmagalona

Maxene Magalona recently took to Instagram to send messages of love and support after the devastating news of her younger sister Saab losing one of her twins made headlines.

In the first of two posts, the newly-married actress shared an image of the two of them as kids. Writing on the caption, she said, "Sending love to my baby sister."

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The second was an image during Maxx's church wedding to Rob Mananquil in January. "We will always be here for you," she wrote.

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On March 6, Saab wrote an emotional entry on her blog titled Heartbroken but Hopeful detailing the tragic event that she and husband Jim Bacarro recently endured.

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"This might be the hardest thing I've ever had to write. I've stayed silent because I think I've been in denial. I thought keeping it to ourselves would make this whole thing unreal.

This last month, I was in and out of the ICU and I almost didn't make it.

On February 8, we lost our baby girl.

Our baby boy is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The doctors initially said he was in critical condition. He has fought through so many complications and had to undergo surgery and is thankfully doing much better today."

The entry also hinted at a number of people they "could blame and be angry with" but the 29-year-old mom and her husband choose to focus on the well being of their baby boy who is still under the careful observation of the hospital.

The entry was posted in time of Saab's father Francis Magalona's ninth death anniversary. A photograph she posted on the blog shows the remains of their baby girl lying beside her grandfather's with her writing that she was sure "he will be looking after his apo."

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At the end of her short entry, Saab said, "This whole time, we've been nervous about bringing children into this scary world and in an instant, our world was turned upside down. Despite this tragedy, we have encountered so many heroes and kind people. We are thankful for family, for the doctors and nurses in the NICU, ICU and maternity ward, for the other babies and parents in the NICU that inspires us, for the strangers that smile at us. If you look hard enough, this doesn’t have to be such a scary world after all.

I know we'll make it through."

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