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Maxene Magalona Turns To 'Self-Healing' To Deal With Her Mental Health Condition

Maxene also praised the other self-healers out there.
maxene magalona practices self-healing

Maxene Magalona opened up in an Instagram post on how she uses "self-healing" to deal with her mental health condition.

Posted on January 14, the actress began her lengthy post by praising "the strong and brave souls who continue to get up and show up even when it is difficult due to life's problems."

Maxene, who’s been open about her struggles on social media, said, "Everyone is going through something and what we need to do is learn how to hold space for each other so that we can help each other heal." She added that she feels for those who are going through a mental health condition because it's not easy to "struggle with internal disturbances on a daily basis."

The actress also added that people who are not afflicted with any mental health conditions find it hard to understand the constant battle people face while having to deal with life's responsibilities. "It is not easy to feel unsafe in your own body due to past traumas and have to be okay to be able to handle everyday tasks," she said. 


"This is why I had to find ways to be able to deal with my condition and its symptoms so that I can continue with my life," she said. "There was no way that I was going to allow this 'problem' to take control of my life and make me miserable. Misery loves company and I know that it was just the devil trying to bring me down."

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Maxene then talked about embarking on her “self-healing” journey by reading self-help books, going to therapy, journaling, practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis, and having a solid relationship with God. Through these, the actress was able to learn how to deal with and live with her mental health issues.  

The actress said, "This is not the easiest path to be on but that's why I respect myself so much because I know the amount of effort and hard work I put into healing and bettering myself. I know the kind of pain that I choose to face and feel and not run away from. This makes me stand tall and proud of the strong and brave soul that I have become."

Maxene also praised the other "self-healers" out there who choose to go on a similar path she’s taken. She added that it's okay to have a drink or two due to the stressful times, but reminded her followers that before they do pick up that drink, they've already released any negative energy so as not to suppress it that eventually turns into "more stored pain."