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The Cosmo Girl's Guide To Voting On May 9



A. KNOW your precinct! You can find it here, call Comelec at 525-9296, or text 0918-566-8301. 

B. You can bring a "kodigo" or cheat sheet to speed up the voting process. Before selecting your candidates, make sure you're informed about his or her:

1. Solid platform

2. Past accomplishmements

3. Education background, work history, or leadership track record

4. Programs or policies (proposed—if first-time candidate, and implemented—if recurring candidate)

5. Stand on issues (e.g., RH Bill, Women and Children's Rights, Environment Sustainability)

6. Lifestyle

7. Public record

8. Compliance to laws, policies, and other non-corrupt practices

ELECTION DAY: What To Expect on May 9, 2016! 

  • Voting starts at 6 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m.
  • You need to bring an identification card (ID) bearing your complete name, address, and signature. Your best bets are your driver's license, NBI Clearance, Passport, or SSS/GSIS ID.
  • You will be given a ballot and black marker. You'll use the marker to SHADE the OVAL beside the name of your chosen candidates. Remember: Checks, crosses, or other types of marks could be invalidated. 
  • Insert your ballot in the Vote Counting Machine (VCM). P.S. Each ballot has a unique code similar to fingerprints! 
  • Get your voter's receipt from the VCM—it should accurately reflect your votes. If it doesn't, inform the election inspector, stat!
  • Leave your voter's receipt in the precinct and get indelible ink dabbed on your index finger to signify you've voted.

Vote wisely, Cosmo Girls!

Sources: YouthVotePhilippines,

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