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Aww, Here's Why Maymay Entrata Isn't Ready To Commit To A Relationship Yet

Edward Barber says that he doesn't wanna rush her, too!
PHOTO: mark jesalva

Love team Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have been working together for three years now, and at this point, we're just waiting for them to announce that they're together together (we totally get that love teams don't HAVE TO date each other, but MayWard is just too cute!). 

During a press conference for their upcoming concert entitled M.E. and U, Maymay shared that she's not ready to commit to a relationship as of now. "Hindi pa po sa ngayon, siguro mas focused ako sa pamilya ko muna. Pero nandiyan naman po si Dodong [Edward] e. Naging bahagi na siya sa buhay ko, ayaw ko na rin siya mawala...may freedom rin siya kung ano ang gusto niyang gawin." She told the press that it's totally a possibility, and if they ever date for real, they'll let us know! 

Edward also said that he doesn't want to rush things and that he respects Maymay. He added, "She's very girlfriend material and to the point na I don't want to see her as the girlfriend of another.

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We know all too well that Maymay is very close to her family! She recently went on a vacation in Camiguin and took the best photos with her lola. She's also fond of talking about her mom, who has been an Overseas Filipino Worker for many years! 

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Go, Maymay! Like her, some of us want to focus on our careers, studies, or passion projects first. Love life can wait for sure. 

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