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Meet The World's Prettiest 9-Year-Old

We're not even kidding.

Russian model Kristina Pimenova isn't just an ordinary kid. For starters, the girl has frontlined Roberto Cavalli Junior, Armani Junior, and Fendi campaignsand get thisshe's only turning nine years old! (Her birthday is on December 27.) She has also appeared in Vogue Bambini. Oh, and did we mention she was declared the most beautiful girl in the world? [Editor's Note: This title was given by Women's Daily magazine earlier this year]. 


Yeah, totally not a big deal.

Kristina—who started modeling when she was just three years old—has over 400,000 followers on Instagram (which is managed by her mom Glikeriya Pimenova), and has about 2 million followers on Facebook. Again, NBD.

The girl really is gorgeous, and according to the NY Daily News, she "only wears children’s clothing and rarely wears makeup." Which is fantastic, considering she's only a kid?

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Also, when you're this beautiful, who needs makeup? 

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