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Megan Young And Mikael Daez Reveal Why They Are A Super 'Chill' Couple

The celeb couple gets real on their podcast, 'Behind Relationship Goals.'

Imagine if your significant other forgot not only your birthday but also your couple anniversary. While this might trigger a big fight between most couples, it’s a non-issue for Megan Young and Mikael Daez. They celebrated their eighth anniversary and Mikael’s birthday yesterday, after Mikael lightheartedly reminded Megan and caught it all on cam. “Not that I’m complaining. It’s a lovely quirk and I’m always guessing if she’ll remember or not,” he posted on Instagram.


In a new episode of their podcast, Behind Relationship Goals, the celeb couple reveals that it’s not a big deal because special celebrations have always been low-key for them. No big parties or surprises—think simple pancakes for breakfast because it’s the birthday boy’s favorite.

Megan and Mikael also share that they only have one to three big fights a year. “Relatively, we’re very chill,” says Mikael. “I think a big factor is that I’m not a jealous person… Because you don’t give me a reason to be jealous,” says Megan.

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Mikael says, “I promised that I would never ever cheat on you. I also wouldn’t put myself in a situation where you’ll get jealous.” They’re very honest with each other and share every detail of every encounter with every person they meet. “We always have each other in mind when we’re out there meeting people,” says Megan. “Our honesty was built throughout our eight years together,” adds Mikael.

When they do fight nowadays, it’s mostly about "procrastination and complacency." They’re opposites; as Megan puts it, “Mikael’s chill is my intense.” He reminds her to hustle, and she reminds him to relax. Mikael says, “Of course it can get frustrating, but as long as the effort is there, we’re good.”

Their advice for couples: Find someone that you can learn from and grow with. Commit to nurturing a relationship, but know when it’s simply not working out. Base your decisions on the quality of your relationship and not the length of time you’ve been together. For more tips from the celeb couple, check out their podcast on Spotify for weekly episodes. 


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