Men We'd Love To Bring Home To Meet Mom

...and she will surely approve!

Dr. Mark Agas

Why: Because moms love doctors—especially good-looking ones.

James Reid

Why: This baby-faced Cosmo hunk may seem like a tough guy, but he’s actually quite a softie on the inside. Cute! P.S. He looks great in a suit, too!

Atom Araullo

Why: Well-mannered, good-looking, educated, and more. No mom can say no to Atom. EVER.

Jeron Teng

Why: By the looks of his Instagram page, Jeron is pretty tight with his family, which is something mom will definitely approve of. Plus, won't it be cute to see Jeron in your backyard as he plays ball with your baby bro on Saturdays? Heehee. <3

 Daniel Matsunaga


Slater Young

Why: The ex-PBB housemate looks like the type of guy who would randomly show up at your house with a bouquet for you and a cake for mom, just because. Pwede?

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Tom Rodriguez

Why: ~*he’s soooo taaaall and handsome as heeell*~

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