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Here's What Dylan Wang And The 'Meteor Garden' Cast Are Up To Now

We miss them so much!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/itsdylanwang, (RIGHT) Instagram/kuanhung_

We've all binge-watched the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden (you can also catch it on local TV, BTW), and we're kinda sad that it has to end at 49 episodes. We all knew what the ending was going to be, of course, but it still made us gush and cry. 

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Since we're curious, and because we miss them, what are the Meteor Garden actors up to now? After all, they finished shooting the drama months ago. Here's the result of some light Instagram stalking:  

Dylan Wang (Dao Ming Si)

We found photos of Dylan Wang getting ready to shoot hoops at the Super Penguin Basketball Game on September 15. You look really adorable in that red jersey, Didi!  

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He's also busy posting adorable gifs of himself (cutie) on IG. There are no updates regarding a new television series yet, but we're on standby! Meanwhile, here's Dylan's latest commercial: 

Shen Yue (Dong Shan Cai)

Shen Yue was recently at the Changchun Film Festival, an eight-day event that highlights Chinese and East Asian movies. 

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Here she is performing with fellow up-and-coming young artists: 

Darren Chen (Hua Ze Lei)

Oh, no! It seems like this bb boy's pet doggo passed away. He posted a photo of her this weekend and captioned it with: "I love you, my angel. 2005.04.28-2018.09.15." Most of us have known the heartbreak of losing a pet and we can definitely relate. We're here for you, Darren

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On the upside, the actor recently reached 600k followers on Instagram (he reached 700 plus as of the writing of this story) and he even posted a thank you message for his fans.  

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Connor Leong (Feng Mei Zuo)

Here's Connor Leong at the League of Legends 7th Anniversary with F4 and their fellow Meteor Garden actress Sun Yi Han:

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Caesar Wu (Yan Xi Men)

Caesar Wu, along with the rest of F4, was spotted performing at the Taobao Maker Festival on September 13! 

Also, here's a random, unexplained photo of him with some bananas: 

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BRB, basking in these guys' cuteness all over again! 

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