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Why We Need To Talk About The New Hua Ze Lei Of 'Meteor Garden'

Hearts. Melting. Help.
PHOTO: Instagram/kuanhung_

People are always talking about Meteor Garden 2018's Dylan Wang (who is one adorable Dao Ming Si), but there's a whole group of peoplea.k.a. me and my friendswho are  ~*obsessing*~ over Darren Chen as Hua Ze Lei. I can assure you that the second-lead syndrome is real! We saved you a Google: Darren, also known as Kuan Hung, is from Taiwan and he's 23 years old!  

Here's why we love him as Lei:   

The remake's Hua Ze Lei is majoring in Music!

He plays the violin (like the OG Lei, Vic Zhou) and the piano. In the remake, the rest of the F4 major in Business Administration while Shan Cai takes up Nutrition.

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His smile (that smile!) could melt anyone's heart. 

No wonder Shan Cai crushes on him so hard. Dao Ming Si is really cool and all, but don't you just love a smiling boy who plays a musical instrument and doesn't pull pranks on you? 

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His style on the show is so comfy, we feel like borrowing his clothes for a rainy day. 

It's as if he's always ready to go read a book or take a nap in the corner. Yes to those sweaters, yes to white on white outfits, yes to everything! 

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He's a literal knight in shining armor. 

He gives Shan Cai his handkerchief, he ~protects~ her from Dao Ming Si, he... oops! Okay, no more spoilers.   

The actor who plays Lei has an awesome sense of humor. 

He literally photobombed Emma Watson, Tom Holland, and Luke Evans during the men's finals at the Wimbledon 2018. He reposted Luke's Insta photo and captioned it with "you can find me anywhere." Yes, Darren, we see you! 

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TBH, Lei just gets cuter with every episode.

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