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Michelle Madrigal's Empowering Words For Morena Girls: 'Be proud of being Pinay, be proud of being morena!'

'You are beautiful just the way you are.'
michelle madrigal on morena skin

Michelle Madrigal recently opened up about her past insecurities being a morena girl in the showbiz industry. The former actress, who obtained her U.S. citizenship in February 2022, recently gave really good advice for morena girls who are insecure about their skin color.

Michelle answered fan questions sent via Instagram which she vlogged about on August 20 where she talked about what she's been up to, including a new swimwear line she's planning to launch very soon.

One of the questions that Michelle received was, "Have you ever been insecure about your skin color?"

Michelle opened up and shared that when she was a teenager, people would call her "negra" or "payatot." She said, "Noong nag-aartista na ako, people were like, 'Oh, kailangan magpaputi kasi hindi ka makakakuha ng roles. You know what, my personality, mediyo hard-headed ako, I'm a stubborn person. I like to prove people wrong. If you tell me, 'You can't do this,' let me show you. Time and time again, I always prove them wrong."


Michelle revealed that she felt insecure growing up because of her skin color, and said, "It's really sad kasi sa atin, morena naman talaga yung kulay natin 'di ba? I have to stand up for those girls na insecure. Let me remind you, if you're watching this, you are beautiful just the way you are. I'm not saying that kasi na-experience ko 'yan na 'negra,' 'maitim.' All of that. Lumaki ako na mediyo insecure because of my color and then parang feeling mo, 'Oh my gosh, I'm so unworthy because everyone [says] kailangan maputi ka.'"

Drawing from her experience, Michelle said, "I believe in myself. I believed in my talent. I believe na, no, your skin tone shouldn't stop you from being whoever you wanna be and for being successful, especially in that field."

Michelle, who often got cast in kontrabida roles, added, "I was able to prove them wrong. Kahit na puro kontrabida ako, I was really good at what I did before. I could say this, I really worked hard when I was still active and I really showed my best."

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"Advice ko lang is to believe in yourself and yung kulay mo, maganda ang mga kulay natin," she added. "'Pag pumunta ka ng Europe or America, my gosh, everyone loves our skin tone. Just be proud of it. Be proud of being Pinay, be proud of being morena."

Watch Michelle's full vlog here:


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