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Michelle Madrigal Reveals She And Her Ex-Husband Troy Woolfolk Still Live In The Same House

'We're learning how to talk, how to become mature about things.'
PHOTO: Instagram/mitch_madrigal

Michelle Madrigal opened up about a lot of things in her latest vlog.

In the video, the former actress turned fitness trainer talked about turning 33 years old and how things are going amid her divorce from her ex-husband, Troy Woolfolk.

"Never in a million years [did I think] I would be a 33-year-old single mom, but here we are and I guess I'm just embracing this new chapter of my life," Michelle said.

In August, Michelle announced that she and Troy were getting a divorce. The two met through the dating app Tinder and got married in 2019. They have a beautiful four-year-old daughter named Anika.


Michelle clarified that there was no third party involved in their separation and that the divorce had been a mutual decision.

"It was very amicable," she said. "We were both unhappy."

"The chemistry was there, obviously. We were so in love. And the difference between chemistry and compatibility, right? I think the reason why this marriage did not work was because we weren't really compatible."

Currently, Michelle and Troy are navigating their new arrangement of co-parenting Anika. Michelle also revealed that while they're still living in the same house, it's only temporary.

"Eventually, one of us, or I, will be moving out of this house that we pretty much built together."

"We still live in the same home, separate rooms. We just want to be there for our daughter. It's really important for your kids to see that you guys are still a team no matter what the circumstances."

Amid their divorce, Michelle says she and Troy are learning to talk, become more mature, and "not get triggered by the little details." Her primary concern is transitioning to the co-parenting setup once she moves out.

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"Right now, I don’t think Anika fully understands what's going on. She has an idea. Kids are very smart. They can feel the energy around the house. So far, she's okay. She hasn't fully transitioned to that one week with him, one week with me. She hasn't asked those questions yet, but we've prepared for that."

Michelle talked about how journaling and reading books have helped her at this time. Part of her plans includes joining a health and wellness retreat in El Salvador.

"Give it time to heal and your healing journey, don't put a timeline."

"Sit with your emotions because I think a lot of people run away from that."

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