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Mika Dela Cruz Gave Nash Aguas A Pet Hedgehog And A Surprise Party For His 21st Birthday


Mika Dela Cruz and Nash Aguas have practically grown before our eyes, and it's hard to believe that they're no longer as small as the cute little kids we used to see on TV!

It's been almost a year since the couple confirmed their relationship, and we're so glad to see that they're still going strong. Proof: The effort they put to make each other happy, such as Mika's birthday surprise for Nash.


Together with friends and family, Mika prepared a surprise celebration in time for Nash's 21st birthday on October 10.

A month before his birthday, Mika already gave Nash an advanced birthday gift by bringing him to the Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Concert and getting him a pet hedgehog, which they named "Dobby."

Nash captioned his IG post addressed to Mika, saying, "Tagal ko ng naghahanap ng hedgehog!!! Sobrang solid nitong birthday gift na 'toooo. I love youuuu!"

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In Mika's vlog, she shared how she distracted Nash hours before the surprise party by going on a double-date with fellow Goin' Bulilit alumna Nikki Bagaporo and her boyfriend Joaquin Santos.

She said that the gameplan was to make Nash go to his Cavite home after their date. Nash's grandmother would call him, saying that his pet Dobby the hedgehog was sick.

Despite the frustration Nash felt throughout the day (he got stuck in traffic on the way to his date, plus he got worried about Dobby), it was all forgotten when he was welcomed at home by his closest friends and family who all came to celebrate his birthday (and finding out Dobby was just fine!)

Watch more of the sweet birthday surprise in Mika's vlog here.

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