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LOL! Mikael Daez Shares What ~Really~ Happened To Megan Young On Their Wedding Night

'My wife spent most of her night looking like this during our wedding reception.'

Megan Young and Mikael Daez are one of the most ~real~ celeb couples we've kept tabs on over the years. And even after being together for so long, they're still as kulit and low-key as they've always been. To celebrate their 10th anniversary as a couple on January 6, Mikael posted a hilarious photo of Megan on their wedding night on January 25, 2020. The photo in question features Megan knocked out in bedand still in her wedding dresssurrounded by their friends all pointing to her, LOL!

Mikael sassily wrote that Megan "spent most of her night looking like this" and probably had "too much water" to drink: "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BONEZ! To celebrate my 10th anniversary with Boneezy, I'd like to look back at what happened a year ago. Unfortunately, not much can be remembered as my wife spent most of her night looking like this during our wedding reception. Buti na lang, masunurin akong asawa and I followed suit by knocking out shortly after as well. #WeProbablyHadTooMuchWater #WhoKnewWaterCouldKnockYouOut #ComeToThinkOfItTheWaterTastedWeirdThatNight" Hahaha!


From Mikael's Instagram:

Megan, on her part, also greeted Mikael on Instagram but posted a birthday message for him. Yup, January 6 isn't only their anniv but Mikael's birthday as wellsomething he surprisingly doesn't celebrate! "Happy happy birthday to the one person I know that doesn't remember his birthday or even cares to celebrate it," Megan wrote. "Fofo always says, 'why celebrate one day of my life when I can celebrate and be thankful EVERYDAY?' Some people can't believe that he doesn't celebrate his birthday, but it's always a nice surprise when the both of us eventually remember."

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Well, there really isn't anyone quite like these two! Happy anniv and happy birthday, y'all!