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OMG, Mikael Daez And Megan Young *Almost* Forgot Their Second Wedding Anniversary

The couple funnily admitted they 'forgot' their special date!
mikael daez, megan young second wedding anniversary

It's another ~relationship~ milestone for Mikael Daez and Megan Young! The celebrity couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary on January 27–without much fanfare.

The couple, who often like to keep things low-key, admitted they actually "forgot" their anniversary! 

"On cue, we forgot a major milestone in our relationship once again," Mikael wrote in an Instagram post. "Today is our second wedding anniversary! (Synchronized facepalm for me and Bonez). But then again, this is how we roll and it's all good in the hood."

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The actor's post came with a second image–a *dead tired* Megan lying in bed. "Yes, that is Bonezy, plakda po siya. She has fallen and stayed fallen… in love with me," Mikael joked. "But to be honest, I'm just looking for a cheesy excuse to post that picture."

Mikael also promised Megan, "I shall do my best to make you stay 'fallen.'" 

Meanwhile, Megan wrote, "Two years married and 11 years together. I've always got your back as you've always got mine."

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She added, "P.S., Thank you to everyone else for reminding us because we always forget these things."

Mikael and Megan quietly tied the knot two years ago in Subic. In 2017, the couple publicly admitted that they'd been dating for six years–much to everyone's surprise.

Happy anniversary, Mikael and Megan!