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This Is How Millie Bobby Brown Would Fight A Manananggal

What would El do?

Millie Bobby Brown offered suggestions on how to take on well-known Philippine monsters like the manananggal, tikbalang, duwende, Miss Minchin, and, of course, Philippine traffic. LOL!

In a July 11 video uploaded on Facebook by Netflix Philippines, Millie revealed what she would do when faced with such monsters. The Stranger Things star, who portrays demogorgon slayer El in the series, said she would put the manananggal in “severe therapy.”

After reading the description of the duwende, Millie said, “This one’s freaky! I’m going to step on your home [as] you step on everybody else’s home and you’re gonna get serious karma!”

For Miss Minchin, the strict headmistress who terrorizes Sarah and friends in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s fictional story, A Little Princess, Millie suggested she would put the character and the manananggal together in therapy so that they could have “serious life talks together.” She said, “I wouldn’t even use Eleven superpowers on this one.”

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