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This Pinay Artist Shares How She Discovered Her Passion For Building Miniatures

Karen Daphne, 26, has been an artist all her life. For years, she enjoyed doing digital and traditional art, but it was only in 2020 when she discovered the ~art~ of building miniatures. Thanks to a friend, she was introduced to miniatures right when the pandemic started but was hesitant to try out this new hobby at first. What drew her in to love creating these miniatures, though, is that they served as a temporary reprieve or escape from the real world.

Karen Daphne tells Cosmopolitan, "What I grew to love about building miniatures is that you get sucked into this bubble wherein you temporarily forget about your problems and focus on building what you love…So as the world becomes so constrained with a lot of problems, building miniatures give you that illusion that you're still in control of something."

Knowing that the tediousness of the craft may seem intimidating, Karen Daphne assures that "crafting miniatures does not discriminate. You don't have to be an artist, or you don't need to possess creativity for you to be able to build one. You just need basic skills like cutting, gluing, assembling. And it's really for everyone, as long as you have that passion."

She's completed a bunch of miniaturesfrom bedrooms to coffee shopsbut her absolute favorite one is her current project, Monica's apartment from Friends. As a massive fan of the show, Karen Daphne says it's a "fulfilling" experience to recreate a diorama of the famous set. "Making the furniture and fixtures made me feel as if I am a part of the show," she gushes.

There's so much more to know and love about Karen Daphne's super unique hobby, so do check out Episode 31 of the Fangirl Diaries below:

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