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WATCH: Uh-Oh, The Miss Thailand Contestants Fell Into A Pond After A Bridge *Collapsed*

It was totally 'unexpected.'
PHOTO: FACEBOOK/????????? - Miss Thailand

In a now-viral video, contestants of a Miss Thailand competition are seen falling into a pond! According to Newsflare, the incident happened on December 7, during the 30 contestants' visit to a popular cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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The beauty queens were holding their drinks and posing for photos on a "suspension bridge," but the weight was too much and the bridgewhich was partially made of ropesnapped, causing them to fall into the water below. 

We see the contestants screaming in shock, but some of them were actually still smiling and laughing by the time they got back to ~dry land~. However, three of the women were reportedly injured, "with one suffering cuts and bruises on her forehead while the two others had minor scrapes."

The cafe's owner promised to cover their medical bills and offered to have their clothes cleaned professionally. He told Newsflare: "'I don't know why the bridge broke. It is strong, but it just could not handle the weight of the women. In the future, we will make improvements to the bridge to be even stronger.'' Dr. Adisorn Suddee, the pageant's director, added that "it was unexpected." 

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Watch the intense moment here: 

Don't worry, the contestants have since resumed their activities. They've visited an animal sanctuary and made pottery! Based on the official Miss Thailand Facebook photos, the "bridge" incident appears to have happened at Pang Pao Beach Cafe And Restaurant. Here are some photos of the bridge BEFORE it broke: 

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