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The Most Elaborate Miss Universe 2019 National Costumes (So Far)

Only one word comes to mind: WOW.
PHOTO: (LEFT) INSTAGRAM/muniversepr, (RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/missuniverseaustralia.official

The 2019 Miss Universe candidates are gearing up for the much-awaited competition, which will take place in December. As early as now, some beauty queens have already shared what they're wearing for their National Costumes! We honestly can't help but gush over the creativity and ingenuity that went into the making of these clothes. 

Miss Netherlands

The inspo: The Dutch goddess of the North Sea "who protects and keeps our ocean clean." The designers used recycled materials from plastic waste, which were collected during an ocean cleaning project with more than 200 schools! 

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Miss Korea

The inspo: The traditional Korean hanbok!

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Miss Australia 

The inspo: The iconic Australian frilled neck lizard. This dress is also inspired by Aboriginal culture and the colors of the outback. The designers of this costume "told stories of their country through paintings on canvas which were incorporated into the estimated 6200 scales that represent the scales of the frilled neck lizard on the dress." 

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Miss Myanmar 

The inspo: "The strength of the agriculture of Myanmar, the mighty Buffalo."

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Miss Great Britain 

The inspo: This dress is a visual representation of the UK's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, "featuring the colors and the textures of the natural landscape including greenery and the oceans." 

Miss Puerto Rico 

The inspo: The country's national flower, Flor de Maga.

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Miss Mongolia 

The inspo: An *old* Mongolian queen dress. Back then, queens chose to wear bright red colors, because it represents success. According to the Miss Universe Mongolia IG account, "The headdress was handcrafted by a master craftsman for 90 days and each stone embossed by hand." Queen Amidala's famous gown in Star Wars was inspired by the same dress.

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Miss Japan 

The inspo: Shishimai (Japanese lion dance), which is "one of the traditional Japanese performing arts where performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume to festival music." 

Miss Thailand

The inspo: A Thai festival called Phi Ta Khon

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Miss Ukraine 

The inspo: This costume aims to show the country "the way the bird sees it from the height of its flight: A country with unique meadows, fertile land, forests, rivers, and unique flora and fauna." 

Miss Malaysia 

The inspo: It's called "A Peranakan Indulgence," and presents Malaysia's Peranakan culture through trays of kuih-muih. It weighs 28kg!  

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Miss Cambodia 

The inspo: Princess Indra Devi, a famous symbol from Khmer literature. 

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