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Miss World Philippines Tracy Perez Looks Back On Pageant Journey And Reveals It Wasn't Always Smooth Sailing

'I've been criticized, looked down upon, judged, called names, made fun of.'

Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Perez got emotional after quite a long absence from social media following the Miss World coronation night where she was declared the winner.

The Cebuana beauty queen said that winning Miss World has not "fully sunk in yet" and she has been very busy recovering. "I'm still not used to everything especially when I get to wear my sash and crown and introduced as Miss World Philippines," she wrote in an Instagram post on October 15.

Tracy said that she would daydream about being called Miss World Philippines. She shared, "It honestly feels like my life just changed in one night but here I am, still the same simple Bisaya girl with big dreams and a humble yet brave heart that does not give up." 

The pageant titleholder then opened up about experiencing many hardships in her life. One of them is being criticized that she cannot be Miss World Philippines. She wrote, "Even when pursuing my dream in pageantry, I've been told so many times that I lack so many things and that I cannot and will not be Miss World Philippines, how much more Miss World."

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"I've been criticized, looked down upon, judged, called names, made fun of and so many other things," Tracy continued. "I've also fell down so many times in life, doubted myself, and gave up, even hated my life at times. I would even ask myself why does everything, every aspect of my life have to be difficult for me."

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Tracy then said that she eventually realized that if she truly wants to be happy, she should embrace every single imperfection and take charge. She added, "Even if my life is indeed difficult, it is still a miracle and a huge blessing from up above."

Tracy continued, "Now, I am here and I can finally say I made it, we made it. The seemingly impossible circumstances became possible for us and this might be a good sign that the elusive Blue Crown will finally be ours for the taking."

Asking for support for the upcoming Miss World 2021 pageant to be held in December in Puerto Rico, Tracy ended her post with, "I will stop at nothing to bring pride and honor to our country and to us Filipinos because when life pushes us back, that is when we fight harder."