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Mistress Hunters In China Help Wives By Ending Their Man's Affairs

Chinese wives are hiring these specialists to get rid of their husband's mistresses.
PHOTO: YouTube/Nerdwriter1

There is tragedy in being cheated on. And while divorcing one's unfaithful spouse is an option in China, there is another alternative that seems more conducive to rebuilding a marriage. A company called Weiqing ("protector of feelings") has "mistress hunters" ready to help embattled wives take down their rivals—and without resorting to violence, mind you.

The company has around 59 offices across China with 300 mistress hunters. Agence France-Presse (AFP) reveals: "The mistress hunters are mostly women and are all psychology, sociology or law graduates. They spend three years learning the ropes before being sent out into the field, where they pose as neighbors, cleaners, or even babysitters."

The mistress hunters then find a way to befriend the targeted mistress and earn her trust. They then persuade the mistress to end the illicit affair.

AFP points out that many women in China are reluctant to seek divorce because it could affect social and financial standing. Following China's marriage law, a divorce most likely means that the woman will lose her house or apartment. (Property will belong to the one who bought it or whose name is on the deed—usually the husband or his parents.) That said, Weiqing's mistress hunters help out around 5,000 wives each year.

The wives pay between 400,000 and 500,000 yuan ($60,000 to $75,000 or P2,831,983 to P3,539,979) for the mistress hunter service. In case the company fails to convince the mistress to break off the affair, the company gives back the full amount. Weiqing also offers free legal advice and lectures.

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