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MJ Lastimosa Opens Up About Being *Bullied* For Having Veneers And A Waist That’s 'Too Small'

She also clapped back at a netizen who called her 'retokada.'
MJ Lastimosa Opens Up About Being Bullied For Having Veneers And A Waist That’s 'Too Small'
PHOTO: Instagram/mj_lastimosa

Celebrities are no strangers to scrutiny, as they’re often subject to unsolicited comments and baseless rumors about their careers, personal lives, and even their appearance. Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ Lastimosa is no exception, as she recently called out a netizen who tried to shame her for being “retokada.”

Parehas retokada? Lol,” a netizen commented on one of her Facebook posts.

Unfazed, the beauty queen replied: “Yes, I can afford [it] […] What’s your point with the comment, madam? It’s almost 2023, wake up.” MJ replied, who admitted to getting beauty and body enhancements in the past, emphasized that there is nothing to be ashamed of with going under the knife. 

“My teeth and skin were enhanced. I had to undergo laser treatments and the like,” she reveals in a 2014 interview. “If it doesn’t give you bad effects, I don’t think there’s something wrong.”

PHOTO BY Facebook/MJ Lastimosa

In a separate post, MJ opened up about the bullying she experienced for having veneers and a waist that's “too small” that led people around her to speculate that she probably “took off her rib.”

“I was bullied in 2011 for having veneers and boobs and [a] waist that’s too small,” she shares. “Apparently they insisted I took off my rib [..] and that was okay. I survived it! But this mindset as we welcome 2023? Eww!” 

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PHOTO BY Facebook/MJ Lastimosa

May this serve as a reminder that your body is your own and only you get to decide what to do with it. Continue being unapologetically you, MJ!

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