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Moira Dela Torre On Life After Her Breakup With Jason Hernandez: 'I am better than I expected'

Moira Dela Torre opens up about life after her breakup with Jason Hernandez
PHOTO: Instagram/moiradelatorre

After several months, Moira Dela Torre is finally opening up again about how she's doing following her controversial breakup with her husband, Jason Hernandez.

During the launch of Moira as the latest addition to Republic Records Philippines, the singer spoke up about how she's been coping.

"I am better than I expected," Moira said. "I don't remember being able to breathe this way and being able to enjoy what I have and mourn what I can’t have."

Their breakup also left her feeling uninspired for a while to compose new songs, but she says she has started writing again, a clear indication that she is recovering. 

"Ang dami palang naipon," she shared. "I just started unloading through songs and that’s really what I got to bounce back."

On the possibility of falling in love again, Moira says she's "open". 

"I’m not in a season anymore that I’m trying to control the narrative. I’m not in the season where I can manipulate it so when I enter, I am not scared."

It was in May 2022 when Moira and Jason were reported to have officially broken up after Jason admitted he had *cheated* on Moira. They tied the knot in 2019.


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