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Moira Dela Torre Reveals She's Now *Healed* Since Ex-Husband Jason Hernandez Admitted To Cheating On Her

Moira Dela Torre Reveals She 'Just Healed' From Her Controversial Breakup With Jason Hernandez
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/moiradelatorre, jasonmarvinph

It has been six months since singer-songwriters Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez confirmed their split, following the latter admitting to cheating on Moira through an official statement. For the first time since their separation, Moira opened up about her journey to healing through an interview with ABS-CBN.

“I lost myself,” the singer reveals. "I think when the year started pa lang, I was getting this weird feeling that I was about to enter into a new season and I didn't know what it was. It's been a long time coming and I think my heart was prepared for it.”

The first few months after the breakup felt like “prison” for the singer, she said. “I wasn’t aware that I was so numb for a long time, but now I’m in the season where I finally know my worth and I finally get to take care of myself.” 

"I am just enjoying life whether it’s a good day or a bad day. I’ve learned to embrace whatever I wake up to.”

Jason Hernandez and Moira Dela Torre Instagram/jasonmarvinph

According to Moira, she can confidently say that she has *healed* from the breakup and has learned to be careful with the people she allows into her life. “I think I just healed. There was a long time when I wasn't confident in how I looked and how I felt. Ngayon ko lang siguro naramdaman na I don't look so bad after all.”

However, the singer isn’t *in a rush* to enter a new relationship. When asked if she’s looking for love, she said, “No. I know it will come."


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