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These Are The Most-Watched Korean Dramas On IQIYI In 2020

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2020 definitely changed our viewing habits with video streaming platforms becoming one of our main sources of entertainment. Only launching its services in May 2020, IQIYI has given us a variety of Asian content and, most especially, feeds our collective obsession for Korean dramas. From light-hearted rom-coms to suspense thrillers, these are the Top 10 Most-Watched Korean Dramas on IQIYI for 2020, ranked in no particular order!  

Dinner Mate

Who's in it? Song Seung Heon, Seo Ji Hye

What's it about? Two polar opposites end up sitting beside each other on a plane and plan to have dinner together. Despite being both headstrong and individualistic, they share the same love for food and eventually find comfort in each other.

Doctor Stranger

Who's in it? Lee Jong Suk

What's it about? A gifted child and his father are abducted to North Korea. There, the child learns to be a doctor and grows up to be a skilled surgeon. An unforeseen event forces him to escape back to South Korea.

Suspicious Partner

Who's in it? Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun

What's it about? After having a rather embarrassing encounter with each other, a judicial apprentice and prosecutor soon find out that they're set to work together in the same office.

Backstreet Rookie

Who's in it? Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung

What's it about? A high school girl walks up to a convenience store clerk to buy her cigarettes, but instead, he gives her and her friends a lecture about smoking. Three years later, the girl, who's now a young adult, and the clerk, now a store owner, cross paths again.


Descendants Of The Sun

Who's in it? Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo

What's it about? When a special forces agent and an ER surgeon meet, they quickly become smitten with each other. But because of their high-pressure jobs and opposing views on life, they part ways. Little do they know they'll meet almost a year later in a war-torn country overseas.

Love Revolution

Who's in it? Park Ji Hoon, Lee Ruby

What's it about? A high school student finds himself falling in love with a girl who paid for his bus fare one school morning. But he soon finds out that winning her heart is more complicated than it seems.

Fight For My Way

Who's in it? Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won

What's it about? Stuck in jobs that they hate, two lifelong best friends end up disillusioned when they hit their mid-20s. But they eventually find strength and inspiration in each other to keep chasing their big dreams.

Legend Of The Blue Sea

Who's in it? Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun

What's it about? A mermaid crosses paths with a conman in a luxury resort—but he doesn't know she's a mermaid just yet. It's later on revealed that these two are actually reincarnations of their Joseon era counterparts.


Who's in it? Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye

What's it about? A driven working student bumps into a bad boy chaebol heir in the US. After a series of misadventures, they fall in love but have to part ways because of their different lives. As fate would have it, they end up back in South Korea as classmates in the famed Jeguk High School.

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Who's in it? Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye

What's it about? Because of his traumatic past, a young man takes on the identity of a missing person. He then meets a young woman who dreams of becoming a journalist and secretly falls in love with her.


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