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8 Moms From 'Hi Bye, Mama!' Who Made Us Want To Hug Our Own Families

Tearing up just thinking about them!
PHOTO: Hi Bye, Mama!/TVN/Netflix

Hi Bye, Mama! is a drama that will forever make us cherish moments shared with our loved ones. One theme that truly stands out in the story is the love between families, especially children and their mothers!

Here are eight women from the show who will make you want to hug your moms—and mother figures—right now:  

1. Cha Yu-ri (Kim Tae Hee) 

After dying in a tragic accident, Yu-ri never got to hold her daughter Seo-woo. She spent the next five years following her, and also witnessed as her husband fell in love and married someone else. When Yu-ri is given the chance to come back to life, she spends every minute of it thinking only of her daughter's happiness. 

2. Jeon Eun-sook (Kim Mi Kyung) 

Yu-ri's mother pretended to be strong in front of other people, but she was the one who actually missed her daughter the most! Every day, she prayed to see her daughter "one more time" and is also the reason why Yu-ri came back to life for 49 days. 

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3. Oh Min-jeong (Go Byo Geol) 

Yes, she isn't Seo-woo's biological mother, but Min-jeong loves her with all her heart! When she got married to Gang-hwa, Min-jeong decided to quit her job as a nurse and be a full-time mom.

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4. Gwi-soon (Ban Hyo Jung) 

Gwi-soon was an elderly ghost wholike all the othersinsisted on staying to be with her family. She has a daughter who is battling cancer and is always by her side, cheering her on. 

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5. Seo Bong-yeon (Park Eun Hye) 

Bong-yeon, along with her husband and daughter, stayed as ghosts instead of being reincarnated to see the only remaining member of their family grow up and become a pilot. All she ever wanted was for her son Pil-seung to get to eat a nice, home-cooked meal. 

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6. Kang Sang-bong's mother (Lee Jung In) 

Former baseball player Sang-bong's mom thinks she's the reason why her son died, after she made him feel like she didn't accept him when he came out as gay. Later, Sang-bong finds a way to reassure her that it's not her fault and that he loves his family. 

7. Hyuk-jin's mother (Kim Ga Young)

Remember the preschooler ghost who played with Seo-woo? His mom turned out to be the one who insisted that Seo-woo was "different" from the other kids. Later, she goes back to the school and Seo-woo gives her a toy car that belonged to her son.

8. Park Hye-jin's mother 

Hye-jin was a young woman who died through suicide after being bullied constantly at work. After her death, her mom consistently held a solo silent protest in front of her old office, asking for justice. 


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