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5 Movies That Are Based On *Modern* Dating Terms

Brush up on your dating slang with these films!
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1. Open Relationship: Open (2019) 

The term: An "open relationship," also known as a "non-exclusive relationship," is a situation where both parties are free to have sexual relations with other people. 

The film's plot: This film tells the story of long-term couple Rome (Arci Muñoz) and Ethan (JC Santos), who attempt to save their relationship by being sexually open to others! 

2. Rebound: My Rebound Girl (2016) 

The term: A "rebound" girlfriend or boyfriend is a person that someone dates right after a breakup. Rebound relationships are expected to be short-lived, mostly because the other person isn't completely over his/her previous lover yet! There's actually a Silent Sanctuary song by the same name which talks about the heartache of being a rebound. 

The film's plot: Rocky (Alex Gonzaga) is SO DONE with always being the rebound and tells herself that she will never fall for someone who's "heartbroken" again. Just when she makes this decision, she meets Rich (Joseph Marco), whose girlfriend just left him. Uh-oh, Rocky. 


3. Third Wheel: Ang Pambansang Third Wheel (2018) 

The term: We've all been there, I don't think any explanation is necessary! But seriously, you're a "third wheel" if you're someone who's single AF and you're constantly with a couple (or couples). 

The film's plot: The trailer introduces us to Trina (Yassi Pressman), who has lived her whole life as a third wheel. She meets the man of her dreams (Sam Milby) but later finds out that he's actually a single dad. Also, the eight-year-old boy's mom (Sam Pinto) is still in the picture! It seems like Trina is bound to be a third wheel. Again.

4. Friend Zone: I'm Drunk I Love You (2017) 

The term: The "friend zone" is a situation where one person has romantic feelings for the other party, while the other...doesn't. 

The film's plot: Carson (Maja Salvador) has been in love with her best friend Dio (Paulo Avelino) for seven years and was there for him every time he got his heart got broken! Right before their college graduation, they take a trip to La Union. Will Carson stay in the friend zone forever, or will she finally be able to admit her true feelings for him?  

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5. Catfishing: Vince And Kath And James (2016) 

The term:  "Catfishing" is when someone creates an online identity and pretends to be someone else—or invents a whole new persona! This usually happens in online dating sites, and, of course, in rom-coms. 

The film's plot: Vince (Joshua Garcia) has always had a crush on Kath (Julia Barretto). But when his cousin James (Ronnie Alonte) decides to pursue her, he asks for Vince's help to make her fall in love with him. Vince agrees and starts sending Kath sweet texts and pretends to be someone named "Var," her secret admirer. This is catfishing at it's worst— but it will somehow make you feel all kilig!  

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