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All The Must-Visit Attractions In New Zealand Featured In BTS' 'Bon Voyage' Season 4

From helicopter rides to bungee jumping!
PHOTO: facebook/bts

Any ARMY would know that Bon Voyage is BTS' annual travel reality series where they go overseas for a week to ~let loose~ as a bunch of normal twentysomethings. The show started in 2016 when they visited Europe and subsequently got into A LOT of fun mishaps (Fun fact: RM actually LOST his passport and wasn't able to finish the trip). The boys then flew to Hawaii in 2017 and enjoyed all the water activities the island paradise had to offer. In 2018, they went to scenic Malta, a lesser-known island country in Southern Europe.

Having risen to global superstardom since then, ARMYs weren't so sure that BTS would even go on a fourth season of Bon Voyage in 2019, but to our surprise, they actually did! Last year, BTS escaped from the world and filmed Bon Voyage Season 4 in New Zealand. There, they got to (somewhat) detach from the pressures of being idols and were finally ~one with nature~. So if you wanna take your fangirling a notch higher or just wanna try out cool, new experiences, here, we have all the spots BTS visited in Bon Voyage Season 4!

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Porters Alpine Lodge

For those who want a comfy, cozy, and budget-friendly experience perfect for barkadas, why not book your stay at the Porters Alpine Lodge in the breathtaking city, Christchurch. Feelsy convos in front of the fireplace are highly recommended!

Location: Porters Alpine Lodge is over an hour's drive from Christchurch, located just off the Porters ski access road on State Highway 73.

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You won't get stunning sights like the ones in Tekapo anywhere else in the world. It is said to be "the home to some of the world's darkest skies and purest stargazing opportunities." For a more unique experience, try out Dark Sky Project, a major observatory in the area where astronomers serve as your guides.

Location: Dark Sky Project is at Lake Tekapo, which is located in the middle of the South Island of New Zealand, a three-hour drive from Christchurch or Queenstown.

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Mt. Cook

Mt. Cook is New Zealand's tallest mountain and is situated in a national park and UNESCO World Heritage site. With beautiful landscapes any which way you look, it's no wonder BTS couldn't help but take a bunch of photos here!

Location: Aoraki/Mt. Cook Village is four hours by road southwest of Christchurch, and two and a half hours north from Wanaka.

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Nevis Highwire

Did you know that New Zealand's "adventure capital" is in Queenstown, with bungee jumping and ziplining as its major attractions? Get over your fear of heights (Looking at you, Jimin!) and experience the Nevis Highwire, the highest bungee in the Southern Hemisphere.

Location: The Nevis Highwire is located in the Nevis Valley near Queenstown. Get there via AJ Hackett's Bungy Bus, which departs from the Queenstown Bungy Centre, Corner of Shotover and Camp Street, Queenstown.

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Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters

Locals say you'll only be able to fully appreciate the beauty of Queenstown's natural wonders (you know, mountains, glaciers, fjords, and lakesthe works!) by taking a helicopter ride. Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters offers a selection of scenic Queenstown helicopter flights, and what's even better is that it's only within an hour of Queenstown.

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Skyline Queenstown

Adrenaline junkies, this one's for you! The Skyline Queenstown offers the Luge, a thrilling one-to-two-person sled that's perfect for all ages. The catch? There's none! You can do it over and over again. It's that addictive.

Location: Skyline Queenstown runs from the top of Brecon Street and heads straight up to Bob's Peak. The bottom terminal is within walking distance of the town center.

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