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7 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring 'The Penthouse' Actress Eugene Because We Know You Love Her

She led some of our favorite Koreanovelas!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Save The Last Dance For Me/SBS, The Penthouse/SBS

When she's not gracing the stage with her singing and dancing skills, Eugene is impressing viewers with her acting chops. ICYDK, the 40-year-old started as a K-pop idol, specifically as a member of the OG girl group, S.E.S! After their disbandment in 2002, the girls pursued different careers and Eugene chose to try her hand in acting. 19 years later, she continues to prove that she's the kind of actress that's here to stay.

Ready to see the characters she portrayed in other series? Here are seven of Eugene's must-watch K-dramas:

1. The Penthouse (2020)

Where you can watch it: Viu

The plot: Let's start with Eugene's most recent project, the stress-inducing (but also highly addictive) drama, The PenthouseNow slated for a third season (it's set to premiere in June this year!), the high-rating SBS series keeps viewers entertained with its epic storyline. It's like a combination of Sky Castle and A World Of Married Couple—only crazier! Eugene plays the bold and brave Oh Yoon Hee who lives in the luxurious apartment, Hera Place. Unlike her neighbors, she didn't grow up wealthy and this made her even more determined to do her best for her daughter.

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2. All About My Mom (2015)

Where you can watch it: Viki

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The plot: Just like The PenthouseAll About My Mom achieved double-digit ratings during the year it was aired. The story revolves around a daughter and her mom who have a rocky relationship and it's something you can relate to. Eugene leads All About My Mom as Jin Ae, who is 100% convinced that she's the least favorite child. This is the reason why she would often have arguments with her eomma. When she got married and had to deal with her mother-in-law, Jin Ae begins to appreciate her mom and realize her mistakes.

3. Can We Fall In Love, Again? (2014)

The plot: Yoon Jung Wan, Kwon Ji Hyun, and Kim Sun Mi are three 39-year-old BFFs who are going through difficult situations and try their best to overcome them. Here, Eugene is a scriptwriter named Jung Wan who just got divorced from her husband of ten years. Since she's strapped for cash, she relocated to her mom's place with her son and worked as a part-timer. Jung Wan would spend long nights at work to forget her ex until someone came into her life.

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4. A Hundred Year Legacy (2013)

The plot: Here's a Eugene drama with 50 episodes (yup, you read that right)! A Hundred Year Legacy is set is in a humble noodle house run by a family for three generations. Eugene portrays the character of Min Chae Won and she's the granddaughter of the noodle house's owner. Similar to Can We Love, Again?, Chae Won filed for divorce from her husband and went back to her family. While she's planning how to expand their business, she meets the rich Lee Se Yoon and they find comfort in each other.

5. The Baker King (2010)

The plot: Who can forget this Koreanovela when it premiered on GMA Network in 2011? Everyone's eyes were glued on the TV screen at that time as they wait for new episodes to air! On its pilot week, The Baker King already garnered high ratings on local TV and it continued until its finale. Like what the title suggests, this K-drama circles around two brothers named Kim Tak Goo and Goo Ma Joon who compete with each other to see who can be number one in the baking industry. Eugene leads The Baker King as Shin Yoo Kyung, Tak Goo's childhood friend, who gets caught in the sibs' rivalry.

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6. One Mom Three Dads (2008)

The plot: Another remarkable Koreanovela that OG fans will remember is One Mom Three Dads. The show premiered on ABS-CBN in the same year with the title Three Dads With One Mommy. Eugene takes the role of single mom Song Na Young and she has always wanted to have a childbut her husband finds it hard to get her pregnant. With the help of his friends who donated their sperm, Na Young was able to conceive. The sitch? Her husband died after an accident, and she now has to figure out who's the real father of her child.

7. Save The Last Dance For Me (2005)

The plot: If you know this Koreanovela, congrats—you're a legend. In 2005, the PH came to a stop to watch Save The Last Dance For Me on ABS-CBN, aka the drama that made Eugene a household name in the country. She appeared as Ji Eun Soo, a bed-and-breakfast owner who encountered a chaebol's son named Kang Hyun Woo and they soon fell in love. But not without challenges, of course! With so many tragic scenes, including accidents that resulted in amnesia and paralysis, Save The Last Dance For Me remains to be an iconic story in K-dramaland.

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