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11 Must-Watch Shows And Movies Starring Janella Salvador

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Janella Salvador may have famous parents but she's proven that she's a star all on her own. Known as a triple-threat in the 'biz, Janella has achieved so much already in her 23 years, and her best role yet is being a mom to her beautiful son Jude. When addressing bashers who call her "sayang" because she got pregnant at her age, she proudly said, "I'm still Janella. I just gave birth but I still can do what I can do. Yung mga nagagawa ko dati, nagagawa ko pa rin naman. I can still act, I can still sing." And yes, she can and is doing what she does best: performing.

Here's a look at Janella's 11 must-watch shows and movies to know more about her amazing work as an actress:

1. Be Careful With My Heart (2012)

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Be Careful With My Heart was Janella's breakout project that made her a household name. The hit daytime drama ran for two years and tells the story of Maya Del Rosario (Jodi Sta. Maria), an ambitious woman who ends up working as the nanny of a rich widower Richard Lim (Richard Yap) and his three children. Janella plays the role of Nikki, Richard's spoiled yet charming daughter.


2. Oh My G! (2014)

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Fresh from her success in Be Careful With My Heart, Janella was given the lead role in Oh My G! The series follows a young woman, Sophie (Janella), whose faith is put to the test after she loses both her parents. In Oh My G!, Janella is paired again with her Be Careful With My Heart leading man Marlo Mortel.   



3. Haunted Mansion (2015)

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Janella's first lead role in a film was for Haunted Mansion! The supernatural horror movie was also a part of the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2015. Haunted Mansion tells the story of a group of teens who encounter ~supernatural~ elements during their high school retreat.


4. Born For You (2016)

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With new leading man Elmo Magalona, Janella starred in her first primetime teleserye Born For You. The show is based on the Japanese ~legend~, Red String of Fate, about two people ~connected~ by a "red string" making them destined for each other. Born For You was also shot in Japan.


5. Mano Po 7: Chinoy (2016)

Watch it on: Netflix (Coming October 2021)

Mano Po 7: Chinoy is the seventh installment of the successful Mano Po film franchise about Chinese Filipino families. In the movie, Janella reunites with her on-screen dad from Be Careful With My Heart, Richard Yap, and plays his daughter in the film yet again.

6. Bloody Crayons (2017)

Bloody Crayons is a suspense-thriller film that centers around a group of students that go to an island for a school project. Everything seems to be going well up until they decide to play a leveled-up version of Truth or Dare, called Bloody Crayons. As the title suggests, expect violence and a whole lot of deaths to happen in one seemingly chill night.

7. My Fairy Tail Love Story (2018)

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Don't we all love a good fantasy film? Well, My Fairy Tail Love Story is no exception! In the movie, Janella plays Chantel, a spoiled girl who transforms into a mermaid and needs to find her Prince Charming to break the curse. Her leading man, Elmo Magalona, plays Chantel's best friend Noah.


8. So Connected (2018)

Watch it on: iWantTFC, Netflix

Janella was paired with Jameson Blake in this romantic comedy film! So Connected is described by Netflix as such: "When a video editor's stolen smartphone winds up in the hands of a waitress, a storage app offers a glimpse into her life that has him falling for her."

9. The Heiress (2019)

Watch it on: iWantTFC, Netflix

Janella starred in yet another horror film, this time with veteran actress Maricel Soriano. This is The Heiress' plot, according to Netflix: "A vengeful witch doctor uses her dark powers to conjure up malevolent spirits to keep her niece close when a family member returns home."


10. The Killer Bride (2019)

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The Killer Bride is arguably Janella's biggest and most critically acclaimed project to date. According to iWantTFC, the teleserye's plot goes as such: "Haunting Las Espadas is the killer bride who starts dropping bodies, possessing a newcomer, as part of her revenge." Janella stars alongside Maja Salvador and Joshua Garcia in the show.

11. U-Turn (2020)

Watch it on: iWantTFC, Netflix

U-Turn is Janella's first project to be released after becoming a mom. According to Netflix, U-Turn's plot is: "A young reporter's investigation into a string of grisly suicides takes a dangerous detour when she follows the clues to a cursed stretch of road."




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