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ICYMI, Nadine Lustre Was Also 'Scammed' By The '90s Kisses Craze

Everyone believed they'd turn into actual Pokemons. LOL!
Nadine Lustre taking a mirror selfie with her phone.
PHOTO: Instagram/nadine

The ‘90s was such an interesting decade, especially for children who enjoyed playing with classic Filipino toys rather than today’s modern gadgets. When we look back, we remember paper dolls, jolens (marbles), yoyos, pogs, rubber bands, and more. Just ask Nadine Lustre! A certified ‘90s kid, the 26-year-old actress is currently a trending topic on social media—and for the funniest reason that had us laughing out loud and reminiscing about our own childhood with nostalgia.

It all started with Twitter user @paolothehuman, who claims to have been a classmate of Nadine back in grade school. Accordingly, the actress sold him the then-trendy “kisses” along with the promise that they’d grow into actual Pokemons. (Yes, remember kisses? Those aroma beads were extremely popular to the youngsters in the ‘90s, so much so that they were believed to magically multiply if they were to be planted in wet cotton.)

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Paolo tweeted: “Nadine Lustre was my classmate in elem. She sold me kisses, yung parang sago? She told me when those things grow, they would turn to actual Pokemon. I still bought them because I was a Pokemon fan. Nadine! Those kisses never turned to Blastoise!”

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In the same thread, Paolo added that he has since lost contact with Nadine but that she was a great friend growing up. He wrote, “I’ve lost contact with her since I left the school we were together in, but she was a great friend growing up. Mas kalaro nya kaming boys. Would love to see her in person after so many years pero feeling ko malabo na yun. At malabo ko na sya masingil dun sa kisses hahaha!”

Hilariously, Nadine caught wind of Paolo’s amusing anecdote on Twitter. The actress took to Instagram Stories to reply to her childhood friend—and to make her case about the whole kisses controversy once and for all. LOL!

PHOTO BY instagram/nadine
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PHOTO BY instagram/nadine
PHOTO BY instagram/nadine
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Nadine reposted Paolo’s tweets and even listed down the supposed care instructions for kisses. (Apparently, the kisses should be put in cotton, soaked in water or alcohol with baby powder, and kept in a dark place. So much work!)

“In my defense… The ates in Divisoria who sold [them] to me [said] they were Pokemon. Found out in Grade 6 that they were [made from] candle wax,” Nadine explains. “Good to know I’m not the only one who was scammed by this!”

Naturally, the fans of Nadine loved this exchange, which gave them a glimpse of what the actress was like when she was a kid. They called it “a cute and funny story of Nadine’s childhood.”

So adorable, Nadz! And for the record, yes, we were scammed by those kisses back in the ‘90s, too!