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Nadine Lustre On Why 'C'mon guys, it's 2017' Is Her Favorite Meme: 'I love how it's stretched this far'

Now in its third year, our annual Women Of Influence Awards recognizes eight fun, fearless, and forward Filipinas who have made their mark in their respective careers and platforms.In celebration of International Women's Month, we recognize that at its heart, a woman of influence leads her community by example.

As one of our awardees, Nadine Lustre is known for being outspoken when it comes to dealing with negativity online, and she's also passionate about championing causes like her defense of the environment.

In this personal episode of Cosmo Confessions, listen to Nadine spill the beans on all things love, career, and everything in between—for example, what was the craziest rumor she's heard about herself? Find out when you watch the video:

Nadine Lustre Reveals *Unseen Layers* of Her Personality | Cosmo Confessions

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