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Nadine Lustre Would Like To Clarify The Craziest Rumor About Her: 'I'm not pregnant every year'

Nadine Lustre pregnancy craziest rumor
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What is the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself? Well, for Women Of Influence 2023 Awardee Nadine Lustre, it's that she's pregnant. "And this happens every year," she shares in an episode of Cosmo Confessions. "I don't know why, I don't know how...People just decide that I'm pregnant every year. I don't even look like it! I mean, if I am pregnant though, I would happily announce it to the world. But sadly guys, I'm not pregnant. And I'm not pregnant every year."

It's not the first time the actress has had to deny pregnancy rumors. In April 2022, she tweeted "How TH am I pregnant every year" in response to fake news circulating that she was expecting.

In 2019, during the media launch of talent reality search Your Moment, Nadine poked fun and said: "Ha? Buntis ako? Ba't 'di ko po alam na buntis ako? Talaga ba? Hindi naman." It's clear the actress has absolutely *no idea* where the pregnancy rumors come from! "Saan kasi nanggaling? Parang ako naman, if hindi naman nanggaling sa akin, sana 'wag nang paniwalaan 'di ba?"


Even way back in 2017, when Nadine was with then-boyfriend and love team partner James Reid, the pair had to deny pregnancy rumors surrounding them. During a dinner with the Reid family, James and his sister Lauren jokingly shared a "PSA" (Public Service Announcement) via Instagram stories. Lauren asked James, "Wanna tell them the big news?" To which James hilariously responded with, "Yes, it's true. I'm pregnant." Lauren's next post showed Nadine playfully rubbing James' belly! LOL.

At that same dinner, Nadine was having a convo with James' dad Malcolm in the background. According to the IG video transcript, Malcolm jokes, "So, darling, do you have any idea if you're having a boy?" Nadine then replied, "I'm not pregnant." "Timing," James' dad Malcolm quipped. "And you should be within the next month." Nadine then let out a big laugh in response.

Nadine has always been outspoken and candid about her personal beliefs. Last February 2022, when asked by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Aivee Teo in one of her vlogs about how many kids Nadine wants in the future, the actress shared, "Yung answer ko dyan, it changed so much because of everything that’s been going on. Before, every time people would ask me, I would say two. But right now, I would say wala...Just because, there are so many people na on Earth, and I do believe that there are lots of kids who don't have parents and who need taking care of. So I feel like if I do wanna have kids, I might just adopt. Sustainability!"

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But Nadine says she's not closing that door permanently. "If I do get pregnant, I'm not gonna say no to that. If I get pregnant, I will go with it, but right now, [not wanting to bear kids] is where my head’s at."

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