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Nadine Lustre Will Be Featuring James Reid In One Track Of Her New Album 'Wildest Dreams'

It's the collab we've been waiting for.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid may no longer be in a relationship or love team partners, but they're still heavily involved in each other's lives through their shared love for music. Nadine, who's signed under James' label Careless, is releasing her first visual album called Wildest Dreams on October 31yup, on her 27th birthday.


In an interview with Rappler, Nadine shared how her album is one of the most personal projects she's ever done in her career and even spent two weeks locked-in with fellow Careless artists, James, Haissam, and KINGWaW aka Bret Jackson, while they worked on Wildest Dreams. "It's something new for me, like I haven't really done anything like this before, so there would be days that I would be so stressed out and doubting myself, that's why I had the guys to help me out," she told Rappler.

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During her album's press con on Saturday, October 24, Nadine revealed that James would be featured on one track of Wildest Dreams: "James is going to be in the album as well. He's going to be in one track, and Haissam too."

One of Nadine's inspirations to create the album was for her to address her brother's passing back in 2017. Speaking to ABS-CBN, Nadine revealed, "This is my chance to finally touch base on that, and to just let everyone know that all these challenges and all the things that we go through, it's not something you should be ashamed of."


Wildest Dreams will be composed of six interconnected music videos. Before the album drops on October 31, check out the pre-released title track, "Wildest Dreams", below:

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