Nadine Lustre's Fiercest Moments, Ranked

Nadine isn’t afraid to do what she wants—neither should you.
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TBH, Nadine Lustre is a force of nature Philippine showbiz never saw coming but actually needed. Instead of transforming herself into the cookie-cutter type of celebrity and role model expected of a young Pinay, she embraced her strong, bold, and fearless personality. Forget pretending to be timid and modest. The 25-year-old actress shows us it’s a waste of time living by someone else’s rules—make your own, and that’s how you find your own voice and identity.

If there’s someone you can take notes from on how to live and love fiercely, Nadine’s your girl. She isn’t afraid to express herself. She lives out loud and is shamelessly herself, online and offline. Below, we ranked the eight moments she reminded us to be our own fierce self.

8. That time she casually posed with a fishbowl

She delivers when she’s handed

7. When she made a crouch pose look ~easy~

Squats are not for the faint of heart, but Nadine seems to have mastered the pose in her OOTDs. Her glutes may be burning, but her

6. When she told a stranger off

It’s good to have a woke queen to look up to, especially one who isn’t afraid to give a stranger a nudge in the right direction. When she witnessed someone

5. That time she set her priorities straight

Nadine proves there’s always time for the important things in life— friends, family, or even the greater good. Despite being busy promoting her film Ulan, she took some time to help

3. When she shut down the archaic stigma about living with your partner

The word was

1. When she was all about #WomenHelpingWomen

When was asked if she considers herself the sexiest among her young Pinay celeb friends, Nadine said that each of her peers Mountain Dew, which supports International Women’s Day, handpicked her for its campaign that empowers men and women to chase their own dreams. Whether it’s for herself, a photo, a film, or the planet, Nadine never fails to give her best and move others to do the same.

For a little more motivation, watch this

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