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Here Are Nadine Lustre's Best Halloween Costumes (So Far)

Advanced happy birthday, Nadz!
PHOTO: Instagram/nadine

Nadine Lustre's birthday falls on October 31, and it's been a tradition for the actress and performer to come up with a unique costume every year! Even more adorable is the fact that her BF James Reid is always game to dress up with her during Halloween

And because we def need some outfit pegs, here's what Nadine wore from 2013 to 2018: 

2013: A Halloween Ghoul 

We're loving the makeup! Plus, where can we get that fake blood *choker*? 

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2014: Count Dracula's Wife

For her 21st birthday, Nadine had a Victorian-themed birthday celebration called "The Witching Hour." Nadine's peg for her vampire-inspired gown was Mina, Dracula's wife. 

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James came as Edward Scissorhands!

2015: DC Comics' Harley Quinn 

Nadine went to South Korea with some of her closest friends, including Yassi Pressman, who went as Gamora for Halloween.  

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2016: Lightning from Final Fantasy

The video game character is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII, and she lives in an artificial world called Cocoon. To match Nadz' costume, James dressed up as Nyx Ulric

2017: Rogue from X-Men

Nadine spent her birthday in Japan with James and their squad. Ever-supportive James wore a matching Gambit costume! 

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2018: HIM from Powerpuff Girls 

Nadz was literally ~all red~ for her birthday in 2018! In the Powerpuff Girls series, HIM is described as a demonic villain who loves creating chaos.

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