All The Things We Love About Nadine Lustre's Instagram Account

#FeedGoals, am I right?
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With the release of her latest film with James Reid called Never Not Love You, the launch of her Lustrous makeup partnership with BYS, working on tracks for the Careless Music Mixtape, and shooting Ulan with Carlo Aquino, Nadine Lustre's certainly got a lot on her plate this year! 

But that doesn't stop her from having one of the most curated and envy-worthy celeb Instagram feeds out there. Here's what we love, exactly, about this multi-hyphenate's account:

1. Nadine's costumes for Halloween!

October 31st (the year 1993, to be exact) is actually her birthday, so it's no surprise that Nadine is ~hopelessly~ in love with this holiday. There's always something to look forward to on her feed every October and November. I mean, look: 

We even saw her as Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn when she turned 22 in 2015. 

And for her birthday this year, Nadine dressed up as the villain HIM from the Powerpuff Girls series. In the cartoons, HIM's powers include "Negative Feelings Empowerment," which means that pain, hatred, and fear all only serve to make HIM stronger. Slay, Queen!

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2. She takes photos with the most RANDOM objects.   

Have you noticed that Nadine loves taking photos with inanimate...things? She never fails to impress us with the unthinkable objects (sometimes animals) she famously takes OOTDs with. Here's Nadine with a camel, a fishbowl, and a disco ball:

3. Her throwback photos are so sweet! 

We all post throwbacks now and then (even when it's not a Thursday) and Nadine is no different from us! Here's a side-by-side pic of her and her friend Zachary Santos as kids and again as teens after several years:

Here's one of Nadine and her dad that she posted on Father's Day 2018.

4. We love all her posts with bestie Kiana Valenciano. 

These BFFs never fail to make us envious because they always seem to have so. much. fun. Here's Nadine and Kiana during a trip to Korea:

Backstage during a performance for ASAP:

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Casually lounging around in robes and towels:

Nadine and Kiana have also been very open about struggling with anxiety, depression,  and mental health issues, which helps get rid of the stigma that's still evident in the country. It makes us want to hang out with them even more! Adopt us, pleeeeease. 

5. Nadine occasionally blesses us with dog photos!

Don't you just love it when you see little fur babies on celebrities' feeds? Like, it gives you this warm gooey feeling and never fails to brighten your day. Here are Nadine's photos of a beagle named Elvis Presley from 2013:

Another ah-dorable pupper from 2014:

A sleepy pug from her trip to Korea in 2015:

And...a black cat named Raven!

6. Of course, her OOTDs.

Nadine's streetwear chic aesthetic developed over the years and we're loving it! She's (unknowingly) given us pegs and tips on how to take the perfect OOTD photo. Thank you, Nadz.  

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Of course, she also knows how to dress up. Here's a snap of Nadine on a yacht: 

*wink wink* She's also got the "dressing down" part memorized. Her caption reads, "Let's hide in the covers." 

7. Here's another thing we noticed: Nads loves bouquets and flowers!

Here's the earliest one on her feed, which was from 2014:

And it just escalated from there! These photos make us want to receive some roses, ASAP. 

8. She also loves posting flatlays of food. Yum.

Whether it's a full breakfast spread, snacks, or a pretty drink, Nadine knows how to ~werk~ those munchies for her feed! Notice that she also uses props such as a puppy, a postcard, a white rug, and magazines. Insta-inspo right there, CGs. 

9. Her dreamy and experimental hairstyles.

We love seeing how Nadine's hairstyles changed over the years! Whether it's seeing her in space buns, different braids, or simple flowing straight hair, Nadine shows us all of it on Instagram! 2018 was an especially exciting year because Nadine also experimented with blonde hair. 

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10. Photos with her boyfie, James Reid.

We can't help but get ~kilig~ every time we see them online! Since they first got paired in the 2014 movie Diary Ng Panget, James and Nadine, also known together as JaDine, have starred in films such as Talk Back And You're Dead, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, and Never Not Love You.  Here's one of their first photos from Nadz's feed during a MYX event: 

We also noticed that Nadine loves taking photos of just James! We adore supportive Instagram girlfriends. 

They've also got snaps from their trips around the Philippines and the world. James and Nadine regularly go diving and sightseeing with friends, and they've even traipsed around the countryside in an open jeep and a motorcycle.   

We didn't miss those clingy pics, of course! Come on, guys, it's 2018. Cuddling with your man and posting PDA photos is something we all look forward to. 

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