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Nadine Clears Seating Arrangement Issue At 'Miss Granny' Premiere

Was there even an issue in the first place?
PHOTO: Instagram/nadine

Some fans noticed that love team and real-life couple Nadine Lustre and James Reid weren't seated together during the premiere of Miss Granny, James' new film co-starring Sarah Geronimo and Xian Lim. The movie is based on a 2014 South Korean film of the same name, and it started showing in cinemas last week.   

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The fans called out the film's production company on Twitter for not "fixing" the seating arrangements beforehand and said that it shouldn't happen again in the future. 

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Nadine cleared the issue on her Instagram stories and said that she DID have a reserved seat, but it was her choice to sit with their friends instead. "I'm a little bit disappointed with people throwing hate without knowing the reason behind this. I hope this clears out the issue that was never there in the first place." 

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"I'm going to say this again," she added, "there was no issue. I wasn't treated badly. I'm not protecting anyone nor cleaning up anyone's mess. I'm telling you all what actually happened so you stop being angry for nothing, all right? Okay."

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