Those Marks On Nam Joo Hyuk's Arms Weren't Because Of 'Rude' Fans

The photographer said so herself.
PHOTO: Penshoppe via Twitter/YG_Stanxxi, Facebook/Gia Allana

A video of aggressive fans during a photo session at July 29's Penshoppe Fan-Con with South Korean stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Dara went viral this week. The fans can be seen touching—and holding on to—different parts of Joo Hyuk's body, despite the "no touching policy"  issued by organizers. 

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Filipinos were left disappointed and embarrassed, apologizing to the two celebrities for the incident. Photos of Joo Hyuk with red marks on his arms have also been circulating online. Many are calling them "scratches," "bruises," and "wounds," blaming fans such as the ones in the video for injuring the actor.

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Gia Allana, the photographer of the pictures, issued a public post regarding the marks on Joo Hyuk's arms. She clarified that the photos were taken before the meet and greet. One photo in particular was taken just a few minutes after Nam Joo Hyuk and Dara first went on stage.

"We also don't know if those are scratches, wounds, or bug bites," Gia said on Facebook. "But, yes, hoping that he wasn't scratched or hurt after the M&G also. And also hoping that everyone can learn from the experience, knowing that NJH is also a human being capable of getting hurt. Let's all be careful and kinder next time, shall we? And also try to follow the rules and limits set by the organizers (no touching, etc.) So everyone can have a good time before, during, and even after the event."

The photographer also said that she wasn't defending the fans in the video or any of their actions.

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