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Netflix Is Editing Out A Phone Number In 'Squid Game' After A Woman Kept Getting Prank Calls

The woman has already been diagnosed with acute stress disorder.
PHOTO: Instagram/netflixkr

Netflix and production house Siren Pictures will be editing out the phone number appearing in its hit show, Squid Game.

Reports earlier confirmed that people have the same phone numbers in the invitation cards featured in the series. As a result, they've been harassed with multiple prank calls.

One of the victims, Kim Gil Young, said she would receive thousands of these calls in a day. She's already been diagnosed with acute stress disorder because of the trauma.

"I cannot focus because unknown numbers are repeatedly calling me," she said in an interview. Gil Young, who runs a dessert shop, revealed that she has been using the same phone number for 16 years and that the calls have severely impacted her business.

She shared that some prank callers pretend to be her customers complaining about an order. Others even cursed at her through text.

According to Gil Young, a Netflix representative offered to give her one million won (around P42,000) so she could buy a new phone. Gil Young doesn't see the point, though, as she is using the phone number for her business and she has already paid for ads that feature the same number.

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