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*Everything* You Need To Know About Kim Woo Bin And Esom's New Netflix Series 'Black Knight'

We have another webtoon-based drama to look forward to!
Netflix's Black Knight: Plot, Cast, Premiere
PHOTO: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix just confirmed the production of its upcoming Korean original series and you guys, the plot is promising! It's not every day we get to watch a K-drama that shows a dystopian future + puts delivery riders in the spotlightand this makes us sooooo excited. And did we mention how stellar the cast is?

Here's what you need to know about the new Netflix drama, Black Knight:

What's the plot of Black Knight?

Imagine living in a world where air pollution is so bad that you have to rely on respirator masks so you can breathe: That's how drastic the situation is in Black Knight. Set in 2071, the drama depicts how "only one percent of the human race has survived and a strict social stratification has been established in the desertified lands of the Korean Peninsula." Here, delivery riders play an important part and refugees aim to be like them in order to survive. Among the couriers, there's one named 5-8 and he's known for his extraordinary combat skills. Black Knight is adapted from the award-winning webtoon of the same name, and is popular for its unique storyline about delivery riders.

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Who's part of the Black Knight cast?

Kim Woo Bin, from the dramas The Heirs and Uncontrollably Fond, will take on the role of delivery rider 5-8. He will be reuniting with Black Knight's director Choi Ui Seok whom he has worked with in the movie Master. After his hiatus, Woo Bin was offered multiple projects both for the small and big screen. He's starring in the drama Our Blues (with his real-life girlfriend Shin Min Ah) and the movies Alien and Wiretap, apart from Black Knight.

Kim Woo Bin
Courtesy of Netflix
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Remember the twin programmers in Start-Up? One of them is rookie actor Kang You Seok (aka Shin Hyeon) and he's a cast member of Black Knight! He will play Sawol, a refugee who admires 5-8 and dreams of becoming like him. Other dramas where you've also seen Yoo Seok include Beyond EvilMystic Pop-Up Bar, and Light On Me.

Kang Yoo Seok
Courtesy of Netflix
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After encountering a taxi driver in the webtoon-based drama Taxi Driver, Esom is now ready to riders! In Black Knight, she will portray the character of military officer Seolah from the Defense Intelligence Command. When she saved Sawol. Seolah starts caring for him and treats him like family. Esom is known for her roles in Scarlet Innocence, Samjin Company English Class, and Inseparable Bros.

Courtesy of Netflix
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Where and when can I watch Black Knight?

Black Knight will premiere exclusively on Netflix. There's no info yet on the filming and release dates, but we'll keep you posted!


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