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Will Netflix Do A 'Love Hard' Sequel?

We're crossing our fingers!
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We would not blame you in the slightest if you have already watched Netflix's new Christmas rom-com Love Hard five to 10 times since it landed on the streamer last week. We have done the same. Which is why we're already asking the big questions: Will Netflix be doing a Love Hard sequel? And if so, when can we expect Love Hard 2 to drop? Because, Netflix, we were thinking now-ish would be good...

In case you need a recap, the film follows Natalie Bauer (Nina Dobrev) who has always been unlucky in relationships and joins a dating app to find someone new. After falling hard for a guy on the app, Natalie travels all the way to the East Coast from Los Angeles to surprise him for Christmas, where she discovers she's been catfished. The good news is the nightmare ends up turning into a wholesome festive flick, although you'll have to watch it to find out how.

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After the film was released on November 5, it took fans a matter of hours to start praising the film for its general festive vibes and also for the return of Vampire Diaries mega-star Nina Dobrev.

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Well, we held off about as long as we could (hours, tbh) and, now, we just want a sequel. Especially since the title would practically write itself; Love Harder. Netflix basically has to do a follow-up film with an opportunity like that.

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However, Netflix renewals are a complicated thing to predict. Sometimes the streamer confirms sequels before the first installment is even released, or within days of it. While in some cases it takes months for the projects to be announced.

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In the case of Love Hard, a sequel has yet to be announced but the streamer has seen huge success with the film since its release, so it's pretty reasonable to expect that we'll see another go-around for the project. Especially since Netflix has a history of sequels when it comes to Christmas filmsjust look at The Princess Switch, now on its third installment and The Christmas Chronicles, on its second.

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So, while we have yet to get confirmation of Love Hard 2, it all sounds very promising, doesn't it?


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