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READ: Netizens' Tweets On Patch Magtanong's Top 8 Finish At Miss International 2019

'Gays going to war because of the #MissInternational2019 results'
PHOTO: Instagram/missinternational

Pinoy netizens couldn't help but react to the results of Bea Patricia "Patch" Magtanong competing at the 59th Miss International 2019 coronation night, held Tokyo Dome City Hall in Japan earlier today.

Thailand's Sireethorn Leearamwat was crowned Miss International 2019. 

Patch, who made it to the Top 8, had a super empowering answer during the Q&A portion:


"When I was younger, I found it strange that I was subjected to different standards as other boys my age. When I got older and even more so when I became a lawyer, I began to question these standards and challenge them. Why should women live in fear of harassment, violence, and discrimination when basic human decency calls for respect, tolerance, and compassion? To cheer all women means to support all women regardless of race, religion, or background. But not only this. It also means to remove the barriers that prevent women from realizing their full potential. Miss International does this by fostering a global culture of women empowerment and gender equality, and through this platform, we can ensure that no woman anytime, anywhere is left behind."

Patch's fans were totally heartbroken and took to Twitter to share their thoughts and to congratulate their kween.

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Others couldn't help but joke about how Patch should not have had her hair up in a bun, just like Catriona Gray when she competed at the Miss World 2016 pageant in the U.S. and made it to the Top 5.


On her Instagram account, Patch talked about what she thought of the whole experience.

"I came to Miss International expecting three weeks of stress, anxiety and ruthless competition with ultra-competitive ladies who were nothing like me. Instead, I got the most amazing cultural experience of my life and friendships to last for a lifetime.


I believe I was able to maximize my time here at Miss International. I grew so much, I learned more about the world and other cultures than I ever have before and I experienced Japan in a way I never would have gotten to if I didn’t join this pageant. Most of all, I had a whole lot of fun! 

I will carry my Miss International journey with me my entire life, and I will never forget the beautiful souls I met along the way. I didn’t expect to connect so deeply with so many of my sisters, because we come from different countries, but it was so easy, and every person I talked to, I felt so at home.

The crown is still waiting for its new queen, but I already feel like I’ve won. Thank you to everybody supporting me, to my entire country, and beyond it. It’s been an honor representing the Philippines, and today is the day! Please say a little prayer for me!"


We're proud of you, Patch. Congratulations!

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