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7 Familiar Faces In 'Nevertheless' And Where You've Seen Them Before

Lee Ho Jung appeared in a BIGBANG music video!
Nevertheless cast members
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Aaaand we're back with another roundup of familiar faces in K-dramas! This time, we're putting the spotlight on the series that gave us the butterflies, aka Nevertheless. Unless you've been living under a rock, content related to this drama is constantly on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok feeds, and that's because of its ~refreshing~ plot and stunning actors. Ready to know who they are and which shows they've appeared in? Check out our list below!

Nevertheless Cast Members And Where You've Seen Them

1. Song Kang

The *forever* busy Song Kang portrays Park Jae Eon, a student from Hongseo University who majors in flirting...uhm, I mean he's part of the Sculpture Department, hehe. You'll recognize him for his butterfly tattoo on his nape, and to quote our queen Taylor Swift: He's so tall and handsome as hell. Park Jae Eon is a friendly guy but sometimes, he gets too friendly (and intimate)—and yet, he doesn't want any strings attached. In short, he's a walking red flag.

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Nevertheless cast member: Song Kang

Song Kang has starred in various K-dramas, like The Liar And His Lover and When The Devil Calls Your Name. But it was the Netflix original series Love Alarm that catapulted him to stardom. The show was such a hit that a second season was released earlier this year! Aside from Love Alarm, you've seen Song Kang in Sweet Home where he showed his versatile side as Cha Hyun Soo. He also transformed into a ballerina in yet another Netflix drama, Navillera. No wonder our boy is dubbed as "Netflix's Son"! *wink*

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2. Han So Hee

Han So Hee plays opposite Song Kang as Yoo Na Bi. She's also an art student like Jae Eon, and what brought them closer is her name, which is is the Korean word "butterfly." The pretty and talented Na Bi had toxic relationship before she met Jae Eon, and she lost her self-confidence. She then vowed to never fall in love again but ~nevertheless,~ she's still open to dating.

Nevertheless cast member: Han So Hee
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How can we forget Han So Hee's role in the super stressful K-drama, A World Of Married Couple? Here, she was cast as the ~other woman~ Yeo Da Kyung, and *everyone* hated her to the point where her Instagram posts were flooded with angry comments! This just goes to show that she's an amazing actress, am I right? So Hee also proved her acting skills in AbyssAfter The Rain, 100 Days My Prince, and Money Flower. Before she started acting in dramas, she made her debut in the music video of SHINee's "Tell Me What To Do."

3. Chae Jong Hyeop

Our Potato Boy Yang Do Hyuk is the epitome of the ideal K-drama guy—he's a gentle soul, he can cook his way to your heart, and he's just an overall good boy. Plus, his smile can definitely make you smile! Do Hyuk's first love is Na Bi and he's glad to have met her again after a decade. Now, he's determined to win her heart.

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Nevertheless cast member: Chae Jong Hyeop

Apart from NeverthelessChae Jong Hyeop iss also a cast member of the web series The Witch's Diner, which is currently airing. In this show, he plays a high school student slash part-time restaurant worker named Lee Gil Yong. Also this year, Jong Hyeop appeared in the Park Shin Hye-led drama Sisyphus: The Myth where he sported a blonde hairstyle for the very first time. Other Chae Jong Hyeop dramas you shouldn't miss: Hot Stove League, Rumor, and Come And Hug Me

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4. Lee Yul Eum

Just when you think Jae Eon and Na Bi's love story is already frustrating (yet still swoon-worthy), Jae Eon's ex-girlfriend Yoon Seol Ah enters the scene. Of course, there's tension between the two since Jae Eon would often put Seol Ah first before anything. At the same time, he's also putting extra effort towards Na Bi. Again, a walking red flag!

Nevertheless cast member: Lee Yul Eum
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Lee Yul Eum might be a fresh face for some of us but she actually has a long list of K-dramas under her belt! She was a part of Queen Of Love And WarMy First Love, Save The FamilyMonster, and High School King Of Savvy, to name a few.

5. Lee Ho Jung

Lee Ho Jung as Yoon Sol is one of our favorite characters in the show! She's Na Bi's college classmate, and her BFF is Seo Ji Wan (played by Yoon Seo Ah). What makes her our fave is that she's actually in love with her best friend, and episode eight got us screaming because of her confession! PD-nim, can we please have more Soljiwan interaction?

Nevertheless cast member: Lee Ho Jung
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K-pop fans, does Lee Ho Jung look familiar to you? Like you've seen her in a music video by an OG K-pop group? Well, your theory is rightshe appeared in BIGBANG's "Let's Not Fall In Love" as Seungri's lover! She's totally a favorite among K-pop stars because she was also featured in other MVs, like Zico's "I Am You, You Are Me" and Urban Zakapa's "I Don't Love You." For her K-drama portfolio, Ho Jung was cast in Let Me Introduce HerNight Light, and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. 

6. Yoon Seo Ah

Sol's BFF, Seo Ji Wan, has an adorable way of speaking and she's just too cute for words! While we wait for episode nine, we're just here ~manifesting~ more interactions between her and Sol.

Nevertheless cast member: Yoon Seo Ah
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20-year-old Yoon Seo Ah is pretty new in the industry, having debuted in 2018 in the drama Bad Papa. It was followed by the 2020 web series Love Revolution, where she played a supporting role. We're pretty sure more projects are coming to her, seeing that she's a remarkable actress in Nevertheless!

7. Jang Hye Ji

Na Bi's charismatic bestie Oh Bit Na had us wanting a hair makeover because of her unique two-block haircut. We were also shipping her with Nam Gyu Hyun (played by Kim Min Gwi, whom you've seen in She Would Never Know and L.U.C.A: The Beginning), but sadly, his character was edited out of the show following Min Gwi's cheating scandal.

Nevertheless cast member: Jang Hye Ji
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Have you spotted Jang Hye Ji as Ji Eun Shil in the 2020 drama, When The Weather Is Fine? Because we definitely did! In the same year, she worked with NU'EST's Hwang Minhyun and Extracurricular star, Jung Da Bin in Live On. If you're a big fan of Hye Ji, you can binge-watch her other series including Big IssueFalling In Love, and Secret Crushes.

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