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7 New Asian Dramas To Watch On IQIYI This November And December

Calling all Korean and Chinese drama enthusiasts!

ICYDK, there's a new streaming platform that houses a variety of Asian drama titles to satisfy our viewing pleasure. IQIYI not only offers our fave Korean dramas but Chinese ones as well! They've got quite a roster of new offerings dropping this November and December, so read on below to find out what shows suit you best:

1. Something Just Like This (Now Streaming)

IQIYI description: "Something Just Like This is a story of an overbearing, dominant boss who is in love with an attractive news anchor starring acclaimed actor Wu Jin Yan from Story Of Yanxi Palace."

IQIYI/Something Just Like This
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2. Birthcare Centre (Now Streaming)

IQIYI description: "A Korean drama centered around an executive who stays in a post-natal care center after giving birth and develops strong bonds with the other women she meets there."

IQIYI/Birthcare Centre

3. Overlord (Now Streaming)

IQIYI description: "Starring Bai Lu from Love Is Sweet and Leon Lai Yi from The King's Avatar, Overlord is a historical Chinese drama on conquering truth and love."

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4. Live On (November 18)

IQIYI description: "Starring Hwang Min Hyun from NU'EST, Live On is a romantic comedy following a popular Korean schoolgirl who joins her school's Broadcasting Club to work hand in hand with the club's president Go Eun Tak, to protect a secret from being revealed."

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5. Awaken (December 1)

IQIYO description: "Starring Nam Goong Min, Kim Seol Hyun, and Lee Chung Ah, Awaken is a Korean thriller about crimes in a small town linked to an incident that happened 26 years before."

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6. Hush (December 11)

IQIYO description: "Im Yoon Ah of Girls' Generation plays the role of an intern reporter in a newspaper publishing house full of anxious characters."


7. The Royal Secret Agent (December 21)

IQIYI description: "The Royal Secret Agent tells the story of a delinquent gambler assigned to work as a secret inspector as punishment. It features Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara, Lee Yi Kyung, and Lee Tae Hwan."

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IQIYI/The Royal Secret Agent


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