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The 10 Best Christmas Movies Of 2019

Siri, play 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.'
PHOTO: COSMOPOLITAN US, (SCREENSHOT) Last Christmas/Universal Pictures

Mariah Carey officially gave us permission to start celebrating Christmas, which means it's time to finally check out all the holiday movies 2019 has to offer. From a Vanessa Hudgens Netflix special to a Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick collab, we've got 10 new Christmas movies for you to binge when you finally get tired of watching The Grinch for the 100th time.

1. Last Christmas

We stan anything Emilia Clarke (And Henry Golding as her love interest doesn't hurt). But beware: This Christmas rom-com has a twist ending that you're probably not prepared for.

2. The Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens plays a science teacher who falls in love with a medieval knight who somehow time-traveled to the future. Need we say more?

3. Frozen 2

Anna and Elsa are back to make all our holiday soundtrack dreams come true. The two make more mems with Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven as they set out to *yet again* save their kingdom.

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4. Holiday In The Wild

Kristin Davis plays Kate, a woman who travels to Africa by herself after her husband files for divorce. She meets a handsome-AF pilot (played by Rob Lowe). But he's not the only eye candy this movie gives us—we also get tons of adorable baby elephants.

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5. Christmas Under The Stars

We are graced with the presence of Jesse Metcalfe in this holiday Hallmark movie. (Seriously, tho, where has John Tucker been?) He plays a classic finance bro who loses his job and has to start working at a Christmas tree lot, where he *of course* finds love. Classic tale.

6. Noelle

Anna Kendrick plays Noelle Kringle, aka Santa Claus's daughter, and Bill Hader plays her brother, Nick. The duo we didn't know we needed. Noelle has to save Christmas after Nick gets freaked out by the responsibility of taking over for his dad. Classic woman-saving-the-day plotline.

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7. Let It Snow

This YA rom-com will melt your little ice-cold heart this holiday season. Basically, a bunch of teenagers fall in love with each other during a snowstorm in a small Midwestern town. Also, there's a queer love story that didn't actually appear in the book the film is based on!

8. Merry Liddle Christmas

Kelly Rowland lights up the Lifetime screen in this movie about a happily single, career-driven woman who fights falling in love with her new neighbor while home with her family over the holidays.

9. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Move over, Archie. A fake royal Christmas baby is just what we needed along with the third installment of this iconic Netflix Christmas film.

10. Holiday Rush

A single dad loses his job, and his four kids discover the ~true meaning~ of Christmas when they move in with their aunt and adjust to a less-than-bougie lifestyle.

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