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Here Are 8 New K-Drama Actors To Crush On (2020 Edition)


There have been so many amazing shows recently, and with them come fresh faces with all the talent! Hello and welcome to a new *era* of K-drama oppas

1. Kim Dong Hee, 21 

Where we last saw him: Extracurricular (2020) 

Sure, we've seen Kim Dong Hee's amazing acting skills in the hit K-dramas Sky Castle (2019) and Itaewon Class (2020). But his first lead role was in the Netflix Original series Extracurricular, where he played a high school student named Jisoo who runs an illegal business to save up for college. 

2. Woo Do Hwan, 27 

Where we last saw him: The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

Who didn't fall in love with "Unbreakable Sword" Jo Young in TKEM? Prior to his swoon-worthy portrayal of double roles in the series, Woo Do Hwan actually starred in many shows already, including The Great Seducer (2018) and My Country: New Age (2019). He was even in the 2019 film The Divine Fury. Woo Do Hwan is actually set to enlist in the military on July 6. We'll miss you, oppa!


3. Lee Shin Young, 22 

Where we last saw him: How To Buy A Friend (2020) 

We first met Lee Shin Young when he played a North Korean soldier in Crash Landing On You (2019). After his stint as Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom in CLOY, Shin Young went on to star in webtoon-based drama How To Buy A Friend, where he played the role of high school student Park Chan Hong who starts a *contractual friendship* with the school's legendary fighter.

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4. Lee Jae Wook, 22 

Where we last saw him: I'll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice (2020) 

Lee Jae Wook got his first lead role in Search WWW (2019) as Seol Ji Hwan, and later starred as tough guy Baek Kyung in Extraordinary You (2019). He will soon be starring in the rom-com Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol opposite Go Ara, where he will play the role of "tough and mysterious" Sun Woo Joon. 

5. Bae Hyun Sung, 21 

Where we last saw him: Hospital Playlist Season 1 (2020) 

Bae Hyun Sung was featured in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018) as an intern, and he played Lee Jae Wook's younger brother in Extraordinary You. His most recent role is med student Jang Hong Do in the successful medical drama Hospital Playlist, and we're sure we'll see him in Season 2 next year as well. 


6. Nam Yoon Su, 22 

Where we last saw him: Extracurricular (2020) 

Before becoming an actor, cutie Nam Yoon Su debuted as a model in 2014. He also had a supporting role in I Am Not A Robot (2019), but his big break came when he was cast in Extracurricular. He played school *bully* Ki Tae, who's in a relationship with Jung Da Bin's character Min Hee.  

7. Ki Do Hoon, 25 

Where we last saw him: Catch The Ghost (2019) 

Remember his role in Arthdal Chronicles (2019)? Ki Do Hoon also starred in the 2019 drama Catch The Ghost, a show about "police officers who guard the subway." Prior to these roles, Do Hoon was featured in Should We Kiss First? (2018) and The King In Love (2017). 

8. Wi Ha Joon, 28 

Where we last saw him: Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)

He played a freelance book designer named Seo Joon in Romance Is A Bonus Book,  a drama set in a publishing company. Wi Ha Joon is also scheduled to appear in the drama 18 Again and will be part of the main cast of Squid Games and Que Sera, Sera


We can't wait to see more of these cuties! 


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