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A New Spice Girls Movie Is Coming And It's All Too Much!

Stop right now! We've been transported back to the '90s and we're not complaining!
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The Spice Girls are back and better than ever before, minus a few sound glitches in the beginning but that's old news now. The new news is that an animated Spice Girls movie is in the pipeline and unlike the tour, all five girls are in on the action.

Picture thisit's 1994, a girl group has just launched, there are dolls, t-shirts, a campaign with Walkers, the original leaders for feminism and they're going on tour so obviously, you are desperate to go to see them live… Fast forward 25 years and it's the same again but sadly minus the dolls!

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We all (hopefully) remember the first moviewith Richard E. Grant playing their manager, encounter with aliens, and Victoria Beckham driving the tour bus over The Tower of London as the bridge begins to open. And now there's talk of a new movie coming out in 2020!

Rumors came about back in 2018 after Variety reported that an animated Spice Girls movie was in progresswith each member playing her alter ego and obvs, having a girl power.

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Since then, nothing has really been said about it since… until the reunion and tour came into place and now I hear you cry? The Hollywood Reporter confirms the animated movie IS happening and all five girls are "very involved"I SEE YA, HOLD TIGHT!

Mireille Soria, Paramount Animation's president said the Spice Girls had the original idea and they've been "developing." And the best part of this? All the classic hits will be featured in the movie as well as some new songs! Watch out Little Mix!

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Never have we ever wanted to wish time away more for the release of this movie!


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