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The Nguya Squad's Comments On Kathryn Bernardo's IG Prove She Has The Best Barkada Ever

We can't help but think they have the ultimate #FriendshipGoals!
PHOTO: instagram/bernardokath

One celebrity barkada that may have taken the public by surprise (in a good way!) is the Nguya Squad, aka the friend group of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. This super fun group of friends transcends TV network affiliations and is composed of fellow celebrities Ria Atayde, Sofia Andres, Daniel Miranda, Patrick Sugui, Aeriel Garcia, Joe Vargas, Bianca Yanga, Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, and Joshua Garcia.

While they occasionally spoil fans with snippets of their friendship through casual Instagram photos, we can't help but think their bonds with each other are the ultimate #FriendshipGoals. Newest recruit Joshua did recently declare that this group of friends *saved* him from "drowning in loneliness" and we'll take his word for it!

If you want more proof of just how genuine, funny, and ultimately aspirational their friendship is, here are a few moments we caught on Kathryn Bernardo's Insta posts to convince you that she has one of the best celebrity barkadas we've ever seen.

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Nguya Squad's comments on Kathryn Bernardo's Instagram photos:

Get you a friend who can negotiate with your strict mom like a pro.

Ria is such a mood when complimenting Kath in this video!

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Every friend group has inside jokes, and for this barkada, porkchop seems to hold a special meaning (tbh, it's cute!).

When they casually drop the sincerest "I love you" comments on Kathryn's pics >>>

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What's a friendship without any mention of foodand better yeteating together?

You know Sofia and Kath's friendship truly goes outside showbiz when Sofia made Kath her baby's ninangand she even hypes them up in the comments section.

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Oh you know, just your favorite KathNiel supporters showing some love for their anniversary. <3